The main objective was to build upon the existing brand awareness and increase the online visibility of this somewhat niche Mexican tequila.

Brief: The brief prescribed that the site needed to be more than a source of information and encapsulate the spirited personality of the brand bringing the product to life.The site was required to be translated into several languages, and indeed, to later act as a launch pad for additional promotional materials prescribed by these individual markets.

Response: In terms of design, we decided that the overall look and feel of the site should mirror the product’s image: clean yet striking and of course, dynamic and exciting. To give this impression the site incorporates a lot of animation and a multitude of transitions between all pages and areas of the site, so as to keep the user feeling as though the site is extremely varied, and therefore, of interest to look explore further.We made use of a 3D Flash technique (papervision) to give these animations a little something extra, and ensured they would be something which the mainly web-savvy demographic would not have seen every day!The additional video on the site and the availbale downloadable content, such as the numerous cocktail recipes, also helped to increase the user experience, and in turn, extend the duration of each user’s visit.


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