Rain Communications is an independent agency that specialises in news, features and content generation – with consistently outstanding results. They deliver innovative and compelling story angles and packages that cut across print, online, social and broadcast media. Their core aim is to deliver maximum exposure for their clients, raise their profiles and establish them as leaders in their respective sectors.

Brief: Rain commissioned us to design a press pack for Heart of London, a group whose objective is primarily, to support the commercial wellbeing of the many businesses they represent in the centre of the capitals West End. Heart of London have been operational for over ten years across the Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square area and have a track record of influencing to make things happen. are passionate believers in the power of cumulative action and have earned our place as a credible contributor at strategic level, ensuring a strong and united voice for business to meet our collective ambitions for this area. Heart of London offers numerous benefits for business from effective management of our streets to tackle crime and anti- social behaviour, through to inspirational promotional activity to support businesses, enhance our reputation and drive footfall and spend.

Response: We took this information about the group and produced two design routes for the printed brochure - the selected route then being used as a page template / style guide for the rest of the pack. The designs had to be polished and sleek, traditional in a sense to represent the group accurately, but at the same time, not too look old fashioned or corporate. We made use of both stock and original photography of London's many iconic landmarks - from the neon lights at Piccadilly Circus, to Fortnum & Mason, the view along Burlington Arcade - we were in the unique position of being spoilt for choice for key art to put to use! With this abundance of great imagery, we aimed to really evoke the ambience, the sights and sounds of central London to every reader. The hope was to tell the story of the copy with which we were supplied, using 2 combinations of photographic grids to lay the key images within. The typography is clean and clear, and uses the Heart of London brand typeface, Gill Sans, throughout. The design breaks up the blocks of at times, quite dense copy with alternating weights, as well as italicized paragraphs in a larger point size to introduce every page of text.

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