Broadbean is a global provider of online recruitment software for the recruitment industry.

Brief: To coincide with a refresh of its branding and new website launch we were asked to design a range of banner ads which would help promote the company’s improved search functionality and new mobile offerings.

Response: The adverts covered standard skyscraper, MPU and leaderboard formats. Each was designed to replicate the clean, fresh and customer-focused feel of the new international website.The message – and strapline for the campaign was evolved from the copy with which we were supplied by the client - “Direct Sauce – The Perfect Condiment for Direct Hiring” The main design element we used to convey this message was a pastiche image of the classic Heinz ketchup bottle which we treated to appear in Broadbean brand livery. This accompanied with some strong, clear type made for a strong aesthetic which was carried through all ensuing advertisements.In addition, the client wanted us to come up with one interactive ad to accompany the more usual kind of banners aforementioned. He wanted the ad to relate to another line of copy he supplied us with; “Smash Direct Sauce In!” – the other prerequisites were that it had to have a fun game mechanic, and encourage the viewer to replay as many times as possible.After pitching several concepts, the one which seemed the most appropriate and selected by the client was derived from us taking inspiration from the retro arcade Whac-a-Mole game. Here, players engage directly with the Broadbean branding while they play as the mole is replaced with a bottle of Broadbean Direct Sauce. Once the game starts, the bottles begin to pop up at speed from a series of holes at random.The object of the game is to ‘smash’ the bottles back into their hole by hitting them directly with the cursor, which acts as a target finder, thereby adding to the player’s score. There is only ever a maximum of ten bottles that appear, so the player has to have their wits about them to hit all ten! After having had their ten chances, they are presented with a message reflecting their performance, whether it be below par – average – or good, and challenges them to replay if they didn’t get top marks and a call to action to click through to Broadbean’s main site.Not bad all in all for a 40 kb file size restriction!

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