This project was briefed as being a promotional tool for Times Online, with the aim to not only drive traffic to their online news site, but publicise the release of the film ‘The Damned United’.

Brief: ‘The Damned United’ is a British film released in 2009 staring, amongst others, Martin Sheen and Jim Broadbent. The film was adapted for the big screen from the largely fictional novel of the same name written by David Peace – based on Brian Clough’s tenure as manager of the football club, Leeds United.We were asked by Times Online required to create an engaging flash application to celebrate the colourful life and times of Brian Clough.

Response: The result was an interactive timeline, ‘Clough in the Rough’ which elegantly combines video, images and archived newspaper articles from both The Times and The Sunday Times. The application highlights the key events in Clough’s life, centering on his tumultuous managerial career: and by way of a carousel displaying photographs and titles, the user can choose to scroll through selected dates, or click through to find out more about the events of that particular occasion. A Content Management System (CMS) was built for the client to manage and update their content in the Flash application. This allows the client the flexibility to re-skin the project to use for a different subject matter.


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