Butlins is known for being the family-orientated holiday camp destination with several sites across the UK.

Brief: Butlins decided to do something a little different and to host a street dance festival aimed at a predominantly teenage audience – an event which still needed to retain appeal to the whole family who would be accompanying the attendees.

Response: We were invited to initially pitch, and having been successful to then provide Butlins with designs and reproducible artwork which were more relevant to the event than their typical corporate material, and outside of their normal creative boundaries.We developed three routes: one with a heavy urban aesthetic and associative styling; the second family-orientated and the third somewhere in the middle of the two. All, however had the prerequisite of being contemporary and publicising a full weekend focussed on street dance, including top name acts and urban-themed shows and activities.The selected creative was then translated into a variety of online and press adaptations from national press placements, to six sheet posters, to numerous direct mail formats.


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