Client: HMDG
Autotrader is the UK’s #1 site to buy and sell new and used cars, bikes, vans, trucks and caravans. Having undergone a complete rebrand above and below the line, we worked closely with Autotraders brand agency HMDG to bring their ideas for online advertising to life to drive traffic to the new site.

Brief: Rich media placements enabled us to really get our teeth into the character of the new Autotrader avatars – known affectionally as ‘The Bots’. We utilised slick 3D character animations to make the ads engaging, interactive and add a real sense of fun to each execution

Response: Examples of which were an expandable mid-page unit (MPU) where the user had the ability to actually draw their own car, and watch a Bot drive off in it, a car colour slider, where you could pick your ideal colour of a vehicle – and see what opinion a Bot had of your taste – and a complete homepage takeover, where several of the Bot family appeared at the footer of the page to laser and demolish what was the old Autotrader homepage to reveal the new site design!

Testimonial: From these campaign ads, Autotrader achieved, and maintained, a highly visible online presence, and has continued to encourage and challenge users to engage with the brand.


Tags: richmedia, online banners, microsite, social media, iphone,

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