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Vita Audio R1, R2 & R4

Client: Vita Audio
The R1, R2 and R4 are debut models for a new brand, brought to you by Ruark, one of the most highly regarded speaker manufacturers in the UK. We've been working with Vita Audio from the outset and in 2006 their debut radio was launched, the now classic R1. Since then, we've continued to work as part of their team, helping them develop high-quality designs that set a new benchmark for style and sound fidelity. Vita Audio is quickly becoming a respected audio brand, recognised for elegant designs that look, feel and sound fabulous. All images Copyright Vita Audio.

Brief: To design a new range of DAB radios with class-leading sound and style.

Response: "It's the Aston Martin of DAB Radios." Sunday Telegraph R2 voted What Hi-Fi '2007 Product of the Year'

Testimonial: "I am very pleased with Inform who have worked closely with our engineers to help us develop the R-series DAB radios. Everyone who has experienced them loves them. They have provided the focus and expertise that has enabled us to create class leading products right from the start." Alan O’Rourke Managing Director, Vita Audio.


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