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Crustastun - humane shellfish stunner

Client: Studham Technologies Ltd
Studham Technologies had done a lot of research into the efficacy of electrostunning, but they needed further expertise to turn their idea into a manufacturable product. We refined the method, developed the technology and created a series of prototypes for extensive field trials. We then helped take the product to market.

Brief: To create a kitchen appliance to humanely kill shellfish.

Response: Crustastun has been well received by many chefs, including Raymond Blanc and Heston Blumenthal – not least because the shellfish is sweeter and more tender than when killed by other methods.

Testimonial: "From the earliest concept to the pre-production prototypes Inform worked closely with us to develop the idea into a really smart, easy to use product. As an entrepreneur I needed to be sure that I was investing in a great design team and Inform gave me that confidence right from the start" Simon Buckhaven, Managing Director, Studham Technologies Ltd


Tags: engineering, industrial design, crustastun,

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