65in Digital Poster
  • 65in Digital Poster
  • Esprit Digital 65in Digital Poster
  • Esprit Digital 65in Digital Poster

6-sheets digital posters (65in)

Client: Esprit Digital
Designed as a modular system, the award-winning 6-sheets digital poster was developed in close cooperation with Esprit Digital to be simple to install and meet the stringent operational requirements. The unit is tough, IP rated, fully networked and includes an optional air filtration module to ensure long-lasting performance even in harsh railway applications. All images Copyright Esprit Digital Ltd.

Brief: To develop a modular, large-format (65in) digital display for advertising in retail environments, from shopping centres and airport terminals to railway stations. Maximum commonality between single-sided and double-sided installations, low maintenance, vandal-resistant, stylish and most importantly to provide maximum impact for advertising content.

Response: The 65in displays offer excellent clarity and are thinner and more versatile than anything else of a comparable size on the market. They were developed to a tight schedule and the first prototypes delivered on time and to budget ready for their launch at Brent Cross shopping centre and London Victoria Station.

Testimonial: "This is the first installation of its size in this environment [London Victoria Station] and we are confident that Titan and Network Rail will both benefit from its implementation." Peter Livesey. Managing director, Esprit Digital

Website: www.espritdigital.com

Tags: industrial design, engineering, tft display, digital poster, retail advertising,

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  • 65in Digital Poster
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