Innovate, design & create with inform design. As a team of award-winning designers and engineers, we've been innovating and developing new products since 2002. We're a UK product design consultancy based between Oxford and Northampton working with small to medium-sized companies, predominantly in the consumer electronics and industrial sectors. Our services include industrial design, mechanical engineering, electronic circuit design, rapid prototyping, working models, concept visualisations, identity, packaging and graphic design.

Vita Audio R1

Vita Audio R1, R2 & R4

Client: Vita Audio

The R1, R2 and R4 are debut models for a new brand, brought to you by Ruark, one of the most highly regarded speaker manufacturers in the UK. We've ... more

65in Digital Poster

6-sheets digital posters (65in)

Client: Esprit Digital

Designed as a modular system, the award-winning 6-sheets digital poster was developed in close cooperation with Esprit Digital to be simple to install ... more



Client: Quincom Ltd

The Lightsleeper concept is simple and ingenious – you watch a spot of light gently rotate across the ceiling, which tires out your eyes and relaxes y ... more

crustastun crab

Crustastun - humane shellfish stunner

Client: Studham Technologies Ltd

Studham Technologies had done a lot of research into the efficacy of electrostunning, but they needed further expertise to turn their idea into a manu ... more