Simple to use CPR Assistant
  • CPR Assistant
  • Simple to use CPR Assistant

CPR Assistant

Client: Shenzhen XFT Ltd.
The CPR assistant is the first product developed to enable the CPR performed with voice and visual guide. Providing confidence and accuracy for the rescuer. The headrest enables the patient to open airway at their optimal position.

Brief: Design a new CPR Aid to add to XFT's existing product range, key requirements: Simple to use Robust and durable Cost effective to manufacture Contemporary design

Response: A range of concepts were developed, focusing on integrating the geometry into a convenient form which could be easily handled and slid into position by rescuers. The device includes a step by step guide through the process with visual and spoken instructions plus a metronome to aid timing of the compressions. The soft gentle forms and human contours form the basis of a design direction that IDC is developing for XFT products. The device features a soft-touch finish to create a more comfortable surface for the casualty’s head and neck, and storage for masks to prevent bodily contact between rescuer and casualty. IDC worked closely with XFT to develop the design from concept to manufacture.

Testimonial: “Through working with IDC, we appreciated their professional attitude, giving us an international point of view and continuously providing quality work.” Mr Song, Director of XFT.


  • CPR Assistant