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Smallwood [work in progress]

Client: Private Client
This is a 14-acre site, which until now has been largely laid to paddock, bordered by close board fencing and poor rough woodland with some ornamental trees. The clients are building a large contemporary family house. Provision has been made to incorporate large family terraces, a swimming pool, tennis court, vegetable garden and orchard along with barns, stables, a sand school and paddocks. All boundaries have been re fenced with local post and rail and native hedgerow and woodland planting is planned for the perimeter to encourage local flora and fauna. new large woodlands are planned, one a bluebell wood, and the dried up lake to the west will be re-instated and expanded. A wildflower meadow will be seeded under the new orchard and some ornamental planting is planned for the areas around the house. A long sinuous, stone, wall separates the 'garden' from the wild land beyond and provides a sense of enclosure around the house.

Tags: landscape, wildflower, wildland, woodlands,


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