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Tom Andrew Bell on-line portfolio

Client: Tom Bell, graphic illustrator
On-line profile and gallery for promotion of Tom's work.

Brief: To create a simple yet design-led website with the ability to display Tom's work in the form of an easily-navigable gallery. This gallery needed to be easy for Tom to create his own new categories and folders, without technical supervision.

Response: The site was designed in an open source content management system which was cost-efficient for the client. It's functional nature was disguised by thoughtful design. Go to www.tomandrewbell.co.uk

Testimonial: “Straight away, Alex was really enthusiastic about what I wanted and understood where I was coming from. My job is unusual, so I wanted my website to reflect that. And as a creative professional myself, I know how important the rapport between client and designer is. “The initial designs did need a bit of playing with, but we worked really closely together on it. Alex had no problem with me wanting to have quite a large input all the way along. “It’s so important to listen to what a client wants. Alex understood that and let me explain what I wanted. “The cost was a fair price, especially considering the time spent on the site, and the changes we made. “Alex was interesting to work with and kept things very straightforward. He gives you what you ask for and really listens. He’s extremely capable and competent. “Within a week of the website going live, I received some positive feedback from a leading UK illustration agency.”

Website: www.tomandrewbell.co.uk

Tags: sportfolio, artist, webdesign,

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