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Client: Timmins Engineering
Timmins Engineering was founded in 1975 by Ken Timmins. The business remains family-owned by Ken’s sons, Edward and William. A more professional-looking,website was needed to promote the business to companies outside the local area.

Brief: Timmins Engineering did not previously have a website, as they only sourced work within a 100-mile radius and relied on word of mouth and their renowned reputation. By creating a website for the business, Timmins hoped that the name they had achieved so far would spread further afield.

Response: Timmins' website is content managed to enable them to update information and allow ultimate control to remain with the client.

Testimonial: “I went along to see FDC and was liked their relaxed and friendly office. It was almost as if they knew what I wanted, and gave me loads of new ideas. “I don’t have a lot of time to do these things myself, so I was looking for someone who could take the burden off my shoulders – while still keeping me in the loop. FDC were great at letting me be as involved as I wanted to be.” Solution: Brand new website with copywriting Although Timmins Engineering knew that they wanted to have a website designed and built, they weren’t really sure what would LOOK best on its pages. “I don’t really have a way with words, so the option for FDC to write our copy was really useful. All we had to do was give them the relevant information and they made it sound right”, said Edward. “FDC’s attitude wasn’t just a sales technique to get me to sign - even when the site was finished, the team was very accommodating and had no problems with me calling to ask questions.” “I’ve made the website known to friends and family, who are all really impressed. I want to use what FDC has done for me to a greater extent using their advice, which I have found to be invaluable. I plan to launch an email shot in the autumn when I have more time to put the website to its full potential.”

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