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Client: Andy Stocking, marketing manager
To revamp the hall's original website and to improve its high bounce rate and to raise awareness of this conerence and event facility's existence!

Brief: To raise public awareness. The hall is within the depths of the small village of Holme and cannot be seen from the main road; even locals living within a five-mile radius did not even know of this facility’s existence. With a poor bounce rate of 90 per cent, it was vital to reduce this and keep customers on the site. The client also wanted more control over the site, without being at the mercy of a web designer every time.

Response: The website is a content-managed site. It was changed from an inflexible and licensed content managment system which did not allow the client to make any changes without the permissino of the former design company. Functionality was greatly improved, and maintenance costs were reduced to almost zero.

Testimonial: “The design Alex created covered both parts of the brief perfectly and we now have a website that is easy to use and that shows off the amazing building we have, as well as the services we offer the corporate customer. “Somehow, Alex has managed to achieve a classic look, but there is still a strong corporate feel about it – that’s no mean feat for a designer. “Our old logo was nice – a watercolour image of the hall – but it looked like a residential home for the elderly and didn’t explain what we do. “What I liked about FDC was this: I thought I knew what I wanted when I approached them. But if I suggested something, they weren’t afraid to say if they thought it wouldn’t work. And you know what? Everything they said was right. And we now have a bounce rate of just 21 per cent! “They say the customer is always right, but when you are working with a professional design agency, you want their creative flair, not your own idea reflected back at you.”

Website: www.holmewoodhall.co.uk

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