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AMG Driving School website

Client: James Gregory, MD, AMG Driving School
To design and develop a website to give this relatively-new company an on-line presence, thus reducing dependency on costly local advertising.

Brief: The website had to be simple and user-friendly, as well as of a suitable design to attract a primarily-young audience.

Response: FDC created a colourful, content-managed website to enable the client to keep the content fresh, particularly in relation to discounted offers, which change regularly.

Testimonial: “We negotiated a very reasonable price which I was happy with. And then when I saw the results, I was even happier! It’s absolutely brilliant – even better than I had imagined. “There were a few teething problems at the start, but they were very quickly ironed out. “I’ve had great feedback and everyone loves it. Even my dad, who’s super critical and has his own website couldn’t find fault. I’ll be sending other people in their direction, no hesitation.”

Website: www.amgschool.co.uk

Tags: webdesign, webdevelopment, graphicdesign,

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