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Client: Timothy Allcott
To produce a content-managed website in order to attract bigger blue chip clients for this Midlands-based engineering consultancy.

Brief: The website had to have a corporate feel to differentiate it from their residential operation, Central Surveys. They wanted to achieve a "cool, glassy" feeling.

Response: A content-managed site was created.

Testimonial: “After we had placed our details online, Dale called me. I really liked what he had to say. “All of the staff were very professional right from the start – they’re a young office full of fresh ideas. What I liked is that FDC didn’t disguise things we wouldn’t want to know with clever sales talk - it was all laid out to us plain and simple. “I had previously paid the same price for two web designers who let us down drastically. The difference was that FDC were by far better. “FDC provided me with a service you would only expect to be in the budget of larger companies. We got the quality you would expect a large company to be able to afford, at the cost that a medium-sized company like ourselves can manage. “Although the website has only been live for a few weeks, and the brochures are in their early stages, we have had nothing but positive feedback. It felt at times like it was a slow process getting the website from start to finish, but we are so happy with the end product and we would like to thank FDC for that.”

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