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Aerotherm Limited website and re-brand

Client: Chris Buckley, MD, Aerotherm Limited
FDC gave the company's original website a complete overhaul in order to attract bigger international clients.

Brief: Aerotherm is Aerotherm is an industrial engineering specialist, custom designing, manufacturing and installing a wide range of process equipment, from industrial ovens and air conditioning, dust and fume extraction, to finishing machines, all for the automotive, aerospace and electronics industry. It also recently expanded its portfolio to include an environmental capability, surveying clients’ operations, specifying, financially justifying and installing energy-saving and pollution control equipment. In support of Aerotherm’s business development and growth goals, the primary need was to increase the volume of warm enquiries from potential clients, thus transferring resources away from unqualified telesales. Equally, the original brand image had become dated, and no longer portrayed the desired image to its existing and targeted blue-chip client base. A re-design of all branding, including overall company logo, letterheads and email signatures was needed. Central to this, the Aerotherm website needed updating, as well as needing to become more user-friendly and professional-looking. The ultimate requirement was an e-marketing campaign to drive prospects to the website and to generate warm leads.

Response: Through asking searching questions of the client, FDC identified the key desired elements of the new-look brand, coming up with an up-market image, a hard-hitting e-marketing campaign and an all-new, interactive website.

Testimonial: “Client feedback and opinion is very important to us, so as soon as the site went live, we asked some of our key clients to take a look. The positive, glowing comments were almost unanimous. “Most important of all,” says Chris Buckley, Aerotherm managing director. “FDC has given us the professional look and feel we needed. Within days, they’d come up with a series of different designs for us. I’m truly impressed by their speed and creative capabilities. “We look forward with confidence to the e-marketing programme, the most critical phase of this programme. Here’s to a long and fruitful relationship.”

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