Samsung Techwin exhibition stand design
  • Samsung Techwin exhibition stand design
  • Samsung Techwin exhibition stand design
  • Samsung Techwin bespoke exhibition stand
  • Samsung Techwin bespoke exhibition stand

Samsung Techwin IFSEC Exhibition Stand

Client: Samsung Techwin
First time exhibitors at IFSEC, the world’s leading global annual security event which is held at the NEC, Samsung Techwin wanted to reiterate their market dominance at the show. Envisage worked closely with Samsung to design and build a bespoke exhibition stand that incorporated all of their needs as well as creating a lasting impression.

Brief: Samsung Techwin were looking for an exhibition stand to announce that the company had set up a dedicated professional security division to service Europe. They had been supplying camera technologies for many years into the security industry, but now wanted to be seen to provide a total security solution whether it is CCTV for a shopping centre or an entire city.

Response: Gravity defying arches enclosed the exhibition stand that featured a steel and glass double deck structure. The lower floor was designed to show visitors various scenarios such as schools, shopping malls and residential estates and how the company could create a complete CCTV solution. The upper deck was reserved to provide hospitality for their delegates.   There were various stand attractors to differentiate Samsung Techwin's stand from that of the competition. A giant train set took over a corner of the stand incorporating town and tunnels, where digital CCTV cameras demonstrated number plate recognition. But the robot - code name SGR-A1 - stole the show. A giant seamless plasma screen - 5 metres wide - showed it in action, where it could track and follow intruders and announce to them it's presence. In its military guise it can be armed with machine guns - now there's an idea to generate sales leads!   Samsung Techwin wish to recreate the success of their show in 2009 and have nominated Envisage as their exhibition contractors for 2010.




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