Online Learning Awareness Campaign

Client: Kaplan Financial
Develop a campaign strategy for Kaplan's online learning offering that actively helps with customer retention and customer acquisition.

Brief: Kaplan Financial operate in an increasingly competitive part of the education sector and offer a range of study options to UK and International students. By presenting Kaplan as the authority in innovative online learning solutions and highlighting their commitment to success we successfully differentiated the leading training provider from its competitors.

Response: A set of short online videos were created to introduce Kaplan’s pioneering approach to online learning. The animations showcase the inspirational and easy to use online products in a unique way. This fresh approach to how online learning solutions are communicated positions Kaplan as the leader in the market through their innovative and ‘inspirational online learning’ tools. The creative approach was then implemented across other media channels.

Testimonial: Over 27,000 views; the videos are the most viewed content on Kaplan's official UK YouTube channel. Online learning products enable Kaplan Financial to educate nearly 50,000 students every year.


  • Engine Creative Agency Limited
  • Aura
  • Video still- Vale of Glamorgan
  • University of Northampton School of the Arts
  • Baby Zilli E-Commerce Website