N-Dubz Brand Development

Client: Island Records
Create a British Urban brand that can take on the world (and win).

Brief: Insight The target audience are a tricky lot to engage with and they won't be fobbed off with anything but the real deal. By keeping to the UK urban routes of the band we knew that the brand would stay relevant and an integral part of 'brand N-Dubz'.

Response: A powerful visual identity for the band, album and single artwork for all major releases as well as design and marketing for their sell out UK tours. The first album was also supported by a range of online digital marketing assets including one of the first band specific iPhone apps to be developed.

Testimonial: The biggest ever urban music phenomenon in the UK. 2 platinum albums. 3 MOBO awards. A brand recognised across the globe.

Website: http://www.enginecreative.co.uk/portfolio/n-dubz-brand-development

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