A True Brand Renaissance

Client: Renaissance
An established brand in a niche market. A rich visual heritage. But where next?

Brief: Understanding where the Renaissance brand had come from was key to defining where the brand should go. Originally created as an alternative club night to the mainstream rave scene, the Renaissance ethos has always been to strive for originality and deliver the highest quality experience. By tapping into these core brand values we were able to breathe new life into the product range and create internationally recognised illustrations to boot.

Response: We created internationally recognised illustrations for the Renaissance Master Series to ensure the brand continued to be visually and commercially successful. The illustrations for the album covers were created by combining digital collage techniques and hand drawings and appeared in esteemed publication Lürzer’s Archive as part of the Top 200 Illustrators World Wide. This creation of a unique label house style revitalised the Master Series and led to further artwork creation for individual artist releases on the Renaissance label.

Testimonial: A redefined brand with a commercial edge AND integrity. Recognised by the Association of Illustrators the best of UK illustration. Design industry recognition and PR in Design Week and The Drum.

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