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TOMS Neal St, Pop-up-Shop Designed by D4R

Client: TOMS
D4R designed and installed TOMS first stand alone store on Neal St to showcase their extensive range of shoes and new range of sunglasses.

Brief: Design a pop-up-shop for an empty unit on Neal St which has bespoke furniture and is sympathetic to the brands heritage. It needed to combine product and story telling and must have an area dedicated to workshop and exhibition space. The consumer needed to embrace the TOMS brand outside and inside the store.

Response: Having worked with Toms for the past year on various POP projects and more recently the launch of their sunglasses at a poop-up-shop in Selfridges we were delighted to be invited to design their first UK standalone store. On entry to the store you can’t fail to be impressed by the eye-catching TOMS blue exterior complete with hanging flag sign and wooden one for one fascia. The window displays are simple yet effective and offer a snapshot of the brand and what is to be expected inside the store. We designed and developed this store staying true to the brands heritage and ethos and the brands ‘one for one’ mission statement remains fundamental to the store. We created different areas in the store such as a footwear area made up of a bespoke shelving system which allowed storytelling, display and trying on. We added an astro turf floor to really set the area aside from the rest of the store. The eyewear area was made up of eye giving canvass imagery which provided the perfect backdrop to the new sunglasses on display whilst getting across the main message that sight in poorer countries would be aided with each purchase. Head downstairs and we have transformed the space into a creative hub for consumers to use as a workshop space. TOMS will have events and competitions running throughout the 2 months such as design you own origami TOMS, T Shirt design and a silent auction. The main feature is the acrylic boxes which neatly show case 7 unique glasses which have been especially designed by local designers. Overall this pop-up-shop provides a unique brand experience and manages to incorporate both product and storytelling through the creative and interactive space. Toms are a truly inspirational brand and D4R have always been huge advocates of the work they are doing around the globe. We are pleased we get to use our retail experience and help promote this brand through clever retail design at a number of retail doors in the UK. The pop-up-shop will remain open throughout May and June so get yourself down to the store and get involved!


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