Kraft Food Pillar Site Gatwick South
  • Kraft Food Pillar Site Gatwick South
  • Cadbury Wallbay
  • Cadbury Pillar Site Gatwick South
  • Toblerone Gondola
  • Toblerone Chunk
  • Toblerone Pillar

Kraft Food Airport Personalisations

Client: Kraft Food
D4R have been working with Kraft Food on the Cadbury and Toblerone brands to raise brand awareness in World Duty Free stores in airports around the UK.

Brief: We were tasked with creating a number of airport personalisations including 2 pillar sites and a stand alone gondola. The brief simple, make Cadbury and Toblerone stand out in an airport store.

Response: We have been working with Kraft Food for the last year on a number of airport personalisations for confectionary brands Cadbury and Toblerone at a number of UK and Ireland locations. Located in World Duty Free shops the brief was simple, make Toblerone and Cadbury confectionery stand out in store and make the brand a destination in store. For Toblerone the iconic gold branding stood out in store with a premium, mirrored look and large Cadbury vinyl’s and deep Cadbury purple stood out in store. Retail design in airports is different to standard shop fits as there are so many rules and regulations to adhere to and all materials need to be class 0 fireated. Security is tight so our fitters often have to be on site well before the install to make sure they have all the correct passes. The store has to be ready for the morning customers so time is of the essence! These airport personalisations have been extremely successful though with a huge uplift in sales so it shows they work! As you can see from the pictures they can make a generic area stand out and draw your eyes to the product!


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  • Kraft Food Pillar Site Gatwick South
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