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Client: Importer of Fruit
To photograph a wide selection of varieties of tomatoes to illustrate a book.

Brief: Open brief: Do whatever you think is best to show off the tomatoes, initial use of the photographs for a book abut alter for use in consumer advertising.

Response: Overjoyed and booking for more photography next year!

Testimonial: “I meant to email you this morning because the day went amazingly well. The book was a terrific success and the supermarket team told me that the photos were "out of this world" (name check to you and contact details included) I am really pleased that I found your website! The best news is that I have already been told by my MD that I can do it again next year so consider yourself booked! I am really hopeful that I can use the some of the images in a publicity campaign that we will run with the supermarket to launch 2 new Finest lines in November. They are talking about potentially running some adds in the foodie mags (Olive, Delicious, Good Food etc) - I will keep you posted.


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