Aimee's Last Garment
  • Aimee's Last Garment
  • Aimee removing her last garment
  • Aimee Brown's Corset Strip Sequence
  • Aimee shows assets

Burlesque Striptease

Client: Stock
Documentary style, but carefully-controlled approach to Burlesque striptease

Brief: To create a sequence showing a striptease in the Burlesque style, using Amee Brown. The situation should be believable and the approach documentary. The mood should combine old-fashioned glamour with a hint of the seedy.

Response: A sequence was created which could be viewed as a whole, along with several individual images.

Testimonial: some images with Superstock.

Tags: burlesque, striptease, fan, dance, corset, strip, girl, history, style, glamour, erotic, seedy, lingerie,

  • Aimee's Last Garment
  • Sophie Leaping
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