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UCLAN “Stylists Closet” Installation

Client: UCLAN
To promote the University of Lancashire’s fashion course, Blazinstar Experiential conceptualized, designed and built a mobile “Stylists Closet” interactive installation, where UCLAN students provided fashion advice and fashion makeovers. The Stylists Closet drove around and parked in town centre’s, allowing the students to hone their skills and invited target audience members to experience all the different facets of a fashion degree, from photography, styling, and hair and make-up. Goodie bags from local beauty brand sponsors and a large plasma screen TV with an announcer attracted a large participatory audience and expanded the opportunities to see the installation.

Response: • 80,000 OTS • The UCLAN client was very pleased with the campaign, stating that the Stylists Closet achieved all set objectives and that the fashion students and participants found the experience fun, rewarding and memorable.

Tags: brandexperience, experientialmarketing, liveeventsagency,

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