TFL Ambient Media

Client: TFL and Kinetic
TFL and Kinetic WW enlisted Blazinstar to directly reach their target audiences for road safety campaigns, namely the owners of 50cc-125cc scooters and cycles in Central London.

Brief: Brand ambassador’s hit areas in Central London that were populated with cyclists and scooters, with the key target locations being bike and cycle bays. Flyers (in die cut shapes) were placed securely onto individual cycles and bikes, with photo evidence taken of each impression. The campaigns were deemed a huge success, exceeding distribution targets, and even leading to repeat bookings. Second bursts included an augmented reality aspect to the flyer which encouraged further interaction and a deeper continued engagement with the target audience and road safety education messages.

Response: • 33,239 flyers placed on bikes and cycles, across 3 campaigns. *The campaign message proved effective, receiving a positive response from scooter and bike owners who encountered our brand ambassadors during the activity.

Tags: flyerdistribution, blazinstarexperiential, ambientmedia, safetycampaign,

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