Skoda Ambient Media Campaign

Client: Skoda
Blazinstar was commissioned by MediaCom UK, on behalf of Skoda, to activate a large scale national ambient media campaign to spread awareness and generate word-of-mouth for Skoda’s car launch; the ‘Yeti’.

Brief: The campaign’s intriguing elements consisted of guerilla activity in highly exposed pedestrian areas and included graphic impressions of “Yeti footprints” detailing a teaser campaign on a ‘Yeti spotting’ website, giant art in fields named ‘mow art’, 3D chalk art, ‘mud tagging’, and Flogo’s (logo shaped clouds in the sky!). The campaign ran for 8 weeks across 12 cities, and was amplified through the Yeti Spotting micro site, which linked to social media activity on Facebook and Twitter.

Response: • 125 million + OTS (opportunities to see) • 680+ executions

Tags: ambientmedia, livemarketing, guerillamarketing, blazinstarexperiential,

  • Experiential Marketing at beach
  • The Direct Experience
  • “Choco’art”
  • Live event
  • 'Stylists Closet'
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