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Olive Oil Experiential Marketing Roadshow

Client: Olive Oil
Blazinstar conceptualised and implemented an experiential marketing roadshow to promote Olive Oil as a ‘category’ and educate consumers on its health benefits and versatility as an ingredient. The campaign was commissioned by Publicis and funded by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, the main aim being to take the four grades of oil masses and promote it as a vital and delicious ingredient for everyday cooking. The campaign’s objective was also to communicate the health benefits of using Olive Oil cooking over other ingredients such as butter or standard vegetable oils. Blazinstar designed and built a rustic style kitchen, which opened out with an Olive Garden exterior, complete with wooden seating, a country kitchen unit and trees. A team of ‘Olive Oil’ Brand Ambassadors and a Chef toured the UK and France visiting 18 Locations in France, and an additional 17 Locations in the UK. The appointed Chef would prepare simple recipes to inspire consumers on the different ways they can use Olive Oil in everyday cooking. The consumers were able to sit in the branded environment, enjoy the delicious food, and receive gifts such as heart shaped branded stress balls, branded pencils with toppers, as well as branded place mats, aprons and leaflets.

Response: • 320,256 OTS (opportunities to see) • 128,965 promotional items distributed • 17,792 consumers sampled The campaign was a great success having targeted and influenced the key target audience, and achieved results over and above all client expectations.

Tags: experientialmarketing, brandactivation, ambientmedia,

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