G-Star Experiential

Client: Kinetic
To tie in with London & Paris fashion weeks, Blazinstar Experiential was commissioned by Kinetic on behalf of G-Star to design a campaign with the key objective to distribute their very own fashion magazine, ‘G-Star Raw Magazine’. Blazinstar took this one step further and in response strategically conceptualised, designed and implemented two ground breaking campaigns that were both visually impactful, and consumer engaging which resulted in reaching out to the heart of G-Star’s fashionable audience.

Brief: Placed in London’s trendiest locations, a stylish, high fashion kiosk was created. Covered entirely by denim to echo the brands image and style, it was this kiosk that housed the G-Star Raw Magazine, and in addition became the focal point of the activity. The G-Star Raw Magazine was handed out to the public by our carefully selected promotional models, and came with a voucher to redeem a goody bag in store. Branded water bottles were also handed out to those who further engaged. In Paris a more eccentric fashion parade saw consumers in the street stop in awe to look at G-Star and what they had to offer. Promotional models dressed, in stunning, elaborate clothing paraded in a Guerrilla style fashion show through a designated route in the popular streets of Paris. The models stopped and posed at regular intervals in the city, which generated a buzz amongst the public who were eager to take photographs and at the same time learn what the campaign was about. Following behind were staff handing out the magazines to the G-Star target audience.

Response: The high impact, experiential marketing initiatives were featured on blogs and achieved outstanding results turning a distribution exercise into an unforgettable, memorable experience.

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