Experiential Sony Bboy Light Projections

Client: Sony Ericsson
Blazinstar Experiential were approached by Kinetic to plan and implement a targeted guerrilla projection campaign to raise awareness of the Sony Ericsson B-Boys Championships.

Brief: A pre-determined schedule was planned to target trendy 18-30year olds on a Friday/Saturday night out, in several high footfall locations. Areas targeted were Camden, Shoreditch, Dalston and Brixton along with Hip Hop related events, to directly reach Hip Hop fans in line with the genre of music played at the Sony Ericsson B-Boy Championships. An eclectic mix of people saw the light projections on the run up to the Sony Ericsson B-Boy Championship. Each chosen site featured 45 minute projections, generating a huge presence and buzz amongst the target audience.

Response: 25,000 OTS (opportunities to see)

Tags: lightprojections, brandmarketing, ambientmedia, livemarketing,

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