Experiential IKEA Catalogue Distribution

Client: Mediacom UK
Blazinstar Experiential on behalf of Mediacom UK were tasked by IKEA to activate a large-scale nationwide initiative to mark the launch of IKEA’s 2010 catalogue. Giant build replicas of IKEA’s iconic multicoloured boxes doubled as smart storage for the catalogues as well as eye catching sculptures. Brand wrapped buses were also used to catch consumers attention and increase the distribution of IKEA's catalogues.

Brief: IKEA Brand ambassadors wore ad screens playing the ad creative along with Abba music to convey the Swedish theme. They engaged commuters, handed out the new catalogues, reminding professionals and families that IKEA was the best outlet to go to for affordable, quality modern furniture. To support the giant builds and extend the campaign reach, Blazinstar coordinated two guerrilla bus tours where branded wrapped buses toured family events and town centres, enabling brand ambassadors to distribute an increased volume and further raise awareness of the new catalogue.

Response: • 416,250 catalogues were distributed • 14,716,450 OTS (opportunity to see) • 65% out of a surveyed 2160 target audience members of target audience participants answered ‘Ikea’ when questioned on which retailer they think of when purchasing home furnishings—a 31% increase when compared to non-participants!

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