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Strava Launches Athletes Uncovered

Posted by: Archer's Mark | Date added: Thu 24 Aug 2017

The new campaign highlights how social media has stopped being real, and encourages its athletes to go against the grain. It rallies against social media’s continued curation; the pressure to filter out reality and only share a “perfect you". The films focus is on the unifying quality of sport during a divisive time, featuring only genuine Strava community members from all around the globe.

Filtering out reality and only sharing the 'perfect you' is not what Strava is all about.

Athletes Unfiltered features normal athletes. They’re good, inspiring people, daring enough to share their journey day after day, whether that’s breaking a marathon PR or cutting a run short to desperately search for the nearest toilet. They’re real and not afraid to be vulnerable – probably a lot like you.

They’re what makes Strava different.