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Posted by: Bagboard | Date added: Tue 13 Dec 2016

Berlin-based Sociomantic Labs, a world leader in personalised display advertising with clients in more than 70 countries across six continents, today reveals a new partnership and integration with ADYOULIKE, the European leader in native advertising technology.

It will take place through ADYOULIKE’s programmatic native advertising service, ADYOULIKE Exchange, targeting customers and audiences worldwide. The partnership will also provide access to IBM’s ground-breaking Watson artificial intelligence software, which forms an integral part of ADYOULIKE’s latest technology platform.

As part of the platform, Watson scans all the publisher pages in ADYOULIKE’s global network of publishers and analyses them in the same way as a human mind would: looking contextually for topics, sentiment and semantics rather than just scanning for simple keywords.

Francis Turner, ADYOULIKE UK MD & CRO, comments: “Sociomantic has one of the most in-demand DSP services in the world. Its customer-centric approach to data-driven advertising allows it to build and target digital creative that speaks exactly to people’s needs.”

Alexander Haardt, Solutions Architect at Sociomantic, adds: “This integration with ADYOULIKE provides a huge boost to our capabilities for in-feed native advertising, an area our new partner knows better than anyone. Being part of this network puts us in a great position to reach even more people with personalised ads, as we grow our business and our client base.”

The integration with Sociomantic will further enhance ADYOULIKE’s SSP and create a faster and more effective digital ecosystem for buying and selling native advertising programmatically and at scale.