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SGK's Michael Fox Presents "From SmartLabel to SmartERLabel" In Live Webinar

SGK's Michael Fox Presents

Posted by: SGK | Date added: Thu 06 Dec 2018

Fox Will Address How to Engage Consumers with SmartLabel Connected Packaging

SGK, a division of Matthews International Corporation, and a leading global brand development, activation and deployment provider that drives brand performance, announced today that Michael Fox, director of SGK's Client Solutions consulting practice, will present From SmartLabel to SmartERLabel in a live webinar on December 13, 2018, 1:00 P.M. (ET).

The SmartLabel® initiative is gaining global notoriety as it increases transparency and helps brands connect better to their customers. Most major U.S. consumer packaged goods (CPGs) are closely monitoring how SmartLabel is received as a transparency platform and as a regulatory disclosure platform, but SmartLabel has even more to offer. It can also improve transparency by providing better access to that information via a connected experience - the physical packaging directly links to the web with a scannable code.

In SGK's BrandSquare webinar From SmartLabel to SmartERLabel, Michael Fox will share key insights and strategies to leverage the benefits of connected pack technology. Registrations for the December 13th webinar will be accepted up until the 1:00 P.M. (ET) start time at

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The basics of the SmartLabel program
  • How companies are monitoring transparency engagement and compliance disclosure
  • Why companies should invest in connected pack technology and consumer experience

"U.S. shoppers demand to know more about the grocery products they are buying than what is available from traditional package labels," said Fox. "SmartLabel is a major connected pack initiative that gives consumers a way to digitally access more detailed product information than could ever fit on a label about a wide range of food, beverage, household, pet care and over-the-counter products."

Fox concluded: "SmartLabel is intent on solving for this demand and brand owners can help by improving consumer access to this information with a connected experience."
Michael has spent 14 years effecting organizational change in a large range of business environments, from CPG to military. He has a broad-based technical background in R&D, engineering management, product lifecycle management, project management and operations. Since 2011, Michael has worked with more than 30 of the 100 largest CPGs to evolve their marketing operations practices.

Learn how to help your brand provide greater consumer transparency through connected packaging, register for From SmartLabel to SmartERLabel at

SGK is a leading global brand development, activation and deployment company that drives brand performance. By creating brands, activating and protecting brands, we help our clients achieve higher brand performance. SGK's global footprint spans more than 20 countries. SGK is part of Matthews International Corporation. For more information visit:


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