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Schawk launches suite of 3D products for advertisers

Schawk launches suite of 3D products for advertisers

Posted by: Schawk | Date added: Tue 11 Oct 2011

Brand Deployment Division Pushes The Boundaries of 3D in Print

Schawk, Inc. (NYSE: SGK), a leading provider of brand development and deployment services, enabling companies of all sizes to connect their brands with consumers, is today announcing the launch of a suite of 3D products and enhanced capabilities, which it has developed in the UK to enable advertisers to bring the power of 3D to their print and outdoor advertising as well as point-of-sale collateral.

Steve Puttock, managing director at Schawk’s London office, commented, “We all know that 3D is big in film, and increasingly in television, as it’s a fantastic way of bringing images to life and creating real impact. Brands recognise this and are increasingly coming to us to see how we can help them create a compelling 3D experience in print advertising, making their brand come to life and providing a point of difference for the consumer.

“We have looked at what was already available in the marketplace and how we could improve upon it. As a result, we have created three distinct products that we believe provide a unique level of image enhancement that has not been seen before. Each has different uses and benefits and will enable advertisers to provide consumers with quality 3D advertising experiences, wherever they interact with the brand.”

The three services are:

Enhanced 2D: This innovative enhanced product creates a 3D experience on any paper-based advertising or marketing activity without the need for 3D glasses or specialist substrates. This process opens up a huge number of possibilities for advertisers to harness the power of 3D, allowing them to take a high quality 3D experience anywhere, on any printed medium including print advertising, outdoor, direct mail, point of sale and packaging.

Lenticular 3D: Schawk’s premium 3D product uses a specialist substrate and advanced retouching techniques to deliver advertising imagery with a dramatic feeling of movement that creates real stopping power, especially when used with back-lighting. Schawk has used its advanced technological capabilities to make it possible to create the optimum quality of image and 3D effect possible for outdoor activity and point of sale without the need for 3D glasses.

Anaglyphic 3D: This is an improved version of the “traditional” 3D output, which requires 3D glasses, and is best suited to print advertising. Schawk’s product provides an enhanced 3D image with more realistic colour definition than has been achievable for print advertising before.

Schawk works with its clients to help them identify which of its 3D services is the most appropriate for their needs and becomes involved at the photographic stage to help them identify the style of image that will make the most impact. Schawk then takes the 2D image and uses specialist dynamic retouching to convert it into bold 3D form.

Puttock concluded: “Our 3D capabilities have generated real excitement among our clients, who tell us that the imagery we have created goes far beyond their expectations of print 3D. They open up a fantastic range of opportunities for advertisers to catch the eye of consumers in an increasingly cluttered world.”

Schawk also offers clients a service to convert films from 2D into 3D using bespoke software created by Prime Focus.

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