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Remora: Major New Release From G-Type

Remora: Major New Release From G-Type

Posted by: Typespec | Date added: Thu 22 Jun 2017

G-Type release their most ambitious typeface yet; 140 fonts across 5 widths and 2 style variations.

G-Type announce the release in June 2017 of the Remora type suite which has been over 2 years in the making. 

Remora is an extensive new humanist sans serif which comes in 2 style variations, the effervescent Remora Sans and its sharp suited business partner Remora Corp. Both styles include 5 individual width sets ranging from the condensed W1 to the extra-wide W5.

Furthermore, with an impressive 7 weights (Thin to Ultra) and true matching italics in each pack Remora is an ultra versatile super family comprising 140 individual fonts, perfect for any typographic assignment or design brief.

Remora was designed by G-Type founder Nick Cooke. Both the Sans and Corp families share the same proportions, with the exception of certain key characters that change the overall appearance.

Remora Sans is an exuberant and characterful typeface while Remora Corp, as its name suggests, is a businesslike typeface more suited to corporate typography.

Both sets contain many shared letterforms, but it is the alternate characters that significantly alter the appearance of each font.

Remora has been carefully designed for optimum legibility at large and very small sizes. Although fairly monolinear in appearance, especially in the lighter weights, particular attention has been paid to optical correction like the overshoots of the curved characters.

Open counters and painstaking attention to detail (e.g. weight contrast between horizontal and vertical strokes, junctions of shoulders and stems etc) all boost readability and make Remora a great choice across all media.

More info and images on the G-Type website:

Remora is half price until the end of June 2017 using the promo code DORSAL50 at

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