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PFA ready to graduate as fifth series of hit BBC show launches

PFA ready to graduate as fifth series of hit BBC show launches

Posted by: pleasefindattached Ltd | Date added: Tue 22 Mar 2011

As one of the BBC’s most popular children's programmes notches up over half a century of episodes, there is cause for celebration - and contemplation - at West London design studio Pleasefindattached.

Since the inception of award-winning ‘spy-fi’ drama M.I. High back in January 2007, Pleasefindattached (PFA) have been instrumental in shaping the look of a show that has proved a ratings success both in the UK and abroad.

Working with acclaimed Spooks, Hustle and Life on Mars production company Kudos Film & Television, PFA have continued to provide on-screen graphics, animation and motion graphics for all 62 episodes.

When you consider the importance of the graphics to both the aesthetics of the show and the development of the brand as a whole, the size of the task undertaken during the past fours years cannot be underestimated.

Indeed, as PFA Creative Director Stephen Holland admits, “It’s challenging work with tight deadlines, but it’s great fun to work on, and completing all 62 episodes represents a real milestone in our development. It all started with the creation of a logo for the evil SKUL organisation within the show which resulted in PFA getting the contract to create everything from screens for crazy devices like Ninja Trackers and a Heat Sensing Underground SatNav, to complete drop-in, overlay and live on-set playback graphics. Basically every on-screen graphic element you see within the show, including the new title sequence, was created by us, something we’re very proud of.”

M.I High, which picked up a Royal Television Society Award in 2009, is scheduled in prime time kid’s TV spots on BBC1, HD and CBBC, and has been broadcast in other countries around the world. Being an integral part of such a success has been fantastic for the PFA team. “What’s been so great is that the production team now think of us as a character within the show. Because we visualise the creativity of the show’s writers and directors, we’ve become important enough to be written into the scripts!” explains Mr Holland.

Described by one current client as a ‘dynamic and forward-thinking company,’ PFA have recently created a fully-animated website for the creator/writer of M.I. High, Keith Brumpton, and after completing five seasons of production on the show, they now believe it’s time to take stock of things - looking to capitalise on the continued success of on-screen partnerships to initiate projects that push the envelope.

As Mr Holland explains, “M.I. High has allowed us to spread our wings within the world of TV, and we’ve become genuine specialists in our field. When it comes to bespoke on-screen playback work, no company really offer the same package. Playback, together with the development of our title sequence work, broadcast graphics and animation will be a big focus area for our efforts and portfolio over the coming year.”

It’s a year that promises much, but that important next step is something the studio are more than ready for. CD Stephen Holland says, “We’ve had a taste of TV, it’s been a great success, and now we’re really keen to keep up that momentum. Being based in Richmond, we’re perfectly positioned for the key UK TV and film studios in Twickenham, Pinewood, Teddington, and Ealing, and whilst we’re lucky to already work with some great partners, we’re looking forward to the chance to team up with many more.”


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