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Nestlé and Anthem ‘Fixed it’ for Joshua


Nestlé and Anthem ‘Fixed it’ for Joshua

Posted by: Anthem | Date added: Tue 03 Jan 2012

The York office of Anthem Worldwide helped turn a little boy's dream to become Willy Wonka for the day into reality

Nestlé Confectionery and the York office of brand development agency Anthem Worldwide have helped make the dreams come true for 8-year-old budding product designer Joshua from Yorkshire as part of a one-off TV special of Jim’ll Fix It which aired on Boxing Day on BBC1.

Joshua wrote to the BBC asking if they could produce a chocolate bar from one of his designs. Also based in Sir Jimmy Savile’s home county of Yorkshire, both Nestlé, with its long history as one of the UK’s best loved confectionery manufacturers, along with its branding partner Anthem, were the perfect businesses to step up to the task. Anthem has many years of experience creating exciting confectionery branding, working across such iconic brands as KIT KAT, Smarties, Aero and Milky Bar.

As a result, Joshua spent the day with Nestlé and Anthem seeing his concept for a ‘Treasure’ bar containing nuggets of edible pirate treasure going from felt tip pen drawing to delicious golden caramel, honeycomb and fudge-filled chocolate treat, complete with eye-catching packaging that would stand out on any sweet shop counter.

For the creation of the chocolate bar itself, Joshua was taken to Nestlé’s innovation kitchen where the product took shape in terms of its fillings and its barrel-shaped segments. Nestlé also gave him a tour of the Kit Kat factory where over 5 million bars are made per day so he could see how his bar would be produced.

Ant Cruice, Senior Designer at Anthem’s York office, sat with Joshua to go through the thinking behind his concept and bring it to life. The packaging builds up the story behind the idea and adds texture to Joshua’s original design with the addition of elements such palm trees, a pirate ship and a cheeky parrot perched on the distinctive typography.

Cruice comments, “This was such a fun thing to take part in on many levels. I loved watching Jim’ll Fix It as a kid so being able to get involved in making Joshua’s dream come true was amazing. It was also great to see the passion he had for his idea and his real excitement at seeing it come to life before his eyes.”

Indeed, Joshua could be a client in the making. Cruice adds, “Like most brand managers, he had strong views about what he wanted, but he loved how we adapted and added value to his idea. He seemed to really enjoy taking part in the whole design process and ultimately was a very happy client!”

Nestlé have created a limited edition of 50 Treasure bars which were given to Joshua on the final Boxing Day programme.

Phill Jones, Operations Director at Anthem York says, “Joshua wasn’t the only one to be granted a wish. Ant was selected from across the whole Anthem design team to be the head designer on this project as a leaving gift from Anthem’s York office as he moves to Anthem London. It was an honour for us all to be involved in such an iconic programme and to play a part in ‘fixing it’ for Joshua.”

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