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Media group  are made up with their first annual report

Posted by: William Joseph | Date added: Mon 10 Jul 2006

If we say 'Annual Report' to you, what's the first word that springs to mind? A bore? A chore? A headache?

Fair enough.

After all, corporate reporting is time consuming enough without the hassle of producing a glossy annual report as well - especially if it's your first time.

'Wife Swap' and 'Faking It' creators, RDF Media Group, have just released their first annual report produced by design agency William Joseph.

As with all newly listed companies, producing this important document for the first time had the potential for being a painful experience. However, it doesn't have to be that way if you plan it well and choose the right agency, explains RDF's Group Head of Marketing, Alice Robertson. 'As this was RDF's first report it was imperative to make the right initial impression. We viewed it not only as a retrospective financial document, but also as a perfect marketing vehicle to clarify our business. RDF has grown significantly over the past few years and we felt that it was a good opportunity to step back and assess how far we've come'.

However, having a clear vision is only half the story. Conveying it clearly to your audience is the next big hurdle. As Alice puts it 'Working with the right people will mean the difference between high or low blood pressure. We wanted a design agency who understood this was our first report, be objective and logical as well as creative and organised. And that's exactly what we got'.

To see the report, designed and produced by williamjoseph, either download the PDF here or visit

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