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Living in the land of the freelancers

Posted by: Crunch Accounting | Date added: Mon 25 Jan 2010

It seems like a case of right place right time for both Crunch and FreelanceAdvisor. A report revealed that their home city of Brighton was one of five ‘cities to watch’ in terms of their economic outlook, according to think-tank Centre for Cities. Brighton was earmarked for its ‘strong private sector, high levels of entrepreneurship, highly educated workforce and large share of high-level jobs.’

Crunch founder Darren Fell was interviewed in the local Argus newspaper about why he felt a spirit of entrepreneurship was driving the city forward:

“There is an energy in the city and many people are choosing to leave their corporate jobs and become micro-entrepreneurs. Many of the web-based companies in Brighton have barely been touched by the recession and for us it has been a brilliant time to set up the business,” He said.

In October last year, Skype Chairman, Michael van Swaaij, and co-Founder of Bebo, Paul Birch, lent their financial muscle to Crunch by investing hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Freelance Advisor, the website dedicated to helping freelancers share information and get advice, has also had a good time of it. The site receives 11,500 visitors a month and is growing by 15% month by month – further evidence of the thriving freelance industry.

Darren said: “We recently had an event in The Eagle pub as part of National Freelancers’ Day. I expected about ten people but the place was packed. We had everyone from a piano tuner to an interim management consultant.

“If you have lots of individual freelancers making their own business then you will get through any credit crunch quicker and earlier.” 

It sounds like we’re all in the right line of work!


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