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July Flair Entry - Jonny Ford

Posted by: Finger Industries Ltd | Date added: Wed 09 Jun 2004

Love and Kate

Details of campaign/ideas

This image forms the basis of a website showcasing our new clothing label – we needed models to display the clothes on, and wanted the overall feel to reflect our own individual style.

Techniques and software:

For this image we used a technique which is turning into one of our signatures- Marcus building the background in Plasma3D, while the characters were sketched out quite quickly by Jonny, and then drawn up in Flash – it's very quick and instinctive, & while it may not have the some of the control of Illustrator, we find we get the same results in a much shorter time. The elements were then brought together in Photoshop and tweaked for colour etc. This is where any adjustments to combine the two are made, but we've been working together for long enough so that very little fiddling is needed – it's usually pretty coherent.

Inspiration etc.

Where does any idea come from? It's a distillation of the things you see & remember every day, combined with the needs of each brief, filtered through a personal viewpoint – illustration is to some degree about giving reign to your obsessions. Drawing tails obviously figures quite highly at the minute........

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