How to add your portfolio [students/graduates go here]

Content you add is optimised for search engines and helps increase your SEO by adding more content, keywords, images with alt tags and links back to you.

Content and images are also automatically added as links and images to your profile in our directory, making it much more visible.

You can add 'projects', which can have unlimited images attached to them. You can also add (and we suggest you do), a title, description, project details and tags (keywords) to each project.

You can also attach documents like PDF and WORD, and even embed video in your projects.

1. Name and description.

If you have an existing Username and Password, sign in and click on portfolios in the new menu that appears.

If you do not have a Username and Password, 'add your profile' in the left hand navigation.

Students and Graduates go here to set up your portfolio - its not limited and completely FREE.

Once you are logged in, click on 'portfolio' and you will see this form. Add the details requested.

portfolio sign up

2. Adding a project.

You can add up to 2 projects free, for unlimited projects you will need a Membership.

Add a project

Give your project a Title, Client, Description, Brief, Response, Testimonial and Tags (all these will help your SEO and enable visitors to find your content).

When you submit you'll be asked to add other images or documents.

3. Adding an image, embed code or downloadable document.

First, add the main image (500 pixels wide, save for web)

Our system will automatically create a thumbnail.

Add an image

You can add these one at a time, the system will ask you if you wish to add more. Add your images and files.

When you are done click 'No more items to add'.

4. Editing projects.

Once you have added your projects, you can edit them. Just click on 'projects' and you will see a list.

Click on the one you want to edit or delete (deletes cannot be undone).

edit project