Tips on publishing news, articles and PR on creativematch

Make publishing news and PR a regular task, at least once per month, once a week if possible. Your articles should be split into a headline, a 'teaser' paragraph, the 'body' and a supporting image or video.

Headline & keywords
Make sure you include keywords people will use to search for your news. Making an obscure healine might appear clever, but you want a search engine to understand what the article is about, so it can be delivered to someone searching.

Repeat these keywords a few times in the teaser (the first paragraph) and body of the news. Think about using alternatives that mean the same thing (Annual Report and Report and Accounts for instance). Don't over do repeating, between 2-5% of words should be keywords or phrases.

Advice on content

Simply said
What are you trying to say? Perhaps your company is launching a new product or service, has achieved something outstanding like a new business win or done something unusual or different. Try to write it down in one sentence using simple words as this will help you conceptualise it. This will be the basis of your first paragraph and should be a summary of the story you are going to tell. Make sure you include keywords (see above).

Keep this simple and to just one piece of news.

What is your angle?
Once you have your message, (we've just done this new campaign, for instance) think of an angle. What did you do to make a difference?

Go for audience (and search engine) appeal
Think about who you are writing for. Do not use unnecessarily long words or sentences when short ones will do the job just as effectively.

Waffle and your news is toast!
Do not waffle on and on and on! Include the main points but you do not have to include every last detail. In other words, keep your release relevant and to the point.

Did you say something?
Include a meaningful quote from someone relevant. Avoid quoting people who are stating fact, because you can write that as a fact. A quote should add a human and therefore interesting dimension.

Image is everything
A picture paints a thousand words they say. Your can add an image or video embed code.

Heading for the top
Write a good headline. Now a good headline is not necessarily funny. Firstly it has to convey the message. Secondly it has to be to the point. Thirdly is must tell a search engine what the story is about. Then it can be funny, say a play on words, alliterative, lateral, literal or just plain clever...  

What happens when you publish news on creativematch

On our website
News is posted to our editorial suite, checked for formatting and appropriateness, then approved and live on

In our emails
Space is limited obviously, but good news stories with great images are more likely to be included in our 2 email channels (1 per week to creative industry subscriber - 18k, and 2 per month to marketers in SME's - 16k).

Full Members news is prioritised.

On Search Engines
The Newspaper Marketing Agency have an awards every year 'the ANNAs' and we publish the results on creativematch. The recent announcement for the 'top newspaper ads of 2008' showed up top in Google within hours, and the other images show results for the same searches for 2005, 2006 and 2007 and these were all searched for at the same time, proving your news and PR could remain highly optimised for a number of years.

top newspaper ads 2008

top newspaper ads 2007

top newspaper ads 2006

top newspaper ads 2005