How & why publish news - it's as easy as pie.

Publishing content on relevant and highly ranked websites will add weight to your online voice and make your content rank more highly on and the major search engines like Google.

Who's looking at you? (just some of the clients that viewed news in just 1 month)

Hasbro, Baxters, Whizz Kidz, Readers Digest, Visa, Deloitte, Mastercard, Transport For London, Moneysupermarket, Liberty, Ford, Kodak, Apple, BBC, FlyBMI, Dunhill, B&Q, BSkyB, EuroSport, Cancer Research, Intercontinental Hotels, Whilrpool, O2, Peugeot, BP, Renault, Nestle, Marriott, Volkswagen, Landrover, Reebok, Fiat, BMW, Vodafone, COI, Science Museum and many more.

Full Members news gets priority in our regular emails and subscribers range from agencies and creatives, to over 16k marketers at some of the UK's biggest brands including Apple, BBC, Sky and many more.

Regularly publishing news/PR about campaigns and designs you've created, industry comment and opinion will also help build your online footprint and increase your SEO - or Content Marketing as it is know today.

This walkthru shows you how to publish news on

What you will need
1. An image in a web safe format (.gif or .jpg), size 1000 pixels wide.
2. The text for a headline, teaser paragraph and body copy (preferably non formatted in notepad or textedit)
3. Any supporting documents you'd like visitors to download (PDF, PPT, DOC)

Already have a Username and Password? [if you do not have one, use 'add your profile' field on the left - you will be able to set up a Username and Password]

Existing Users can publish news as follows, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Log in to your account. If you've forgotten your details use this Forgotten Password link.

You will see a new menu appear.

Logged In Menu

2. Click on news. Add a headline (upper & lowercase please), teaser sentence and news/article text. Make sure you use the link icon to add links in your news (on keywords, not on 'click here').

NB - if you copy and paste direct from Word please use the 'Paste as plain text' icon provided.

Adding news and pr to creativematch

3. Add an image (1000 pixels wide, saved for web).

You can also add embed video code. If you'd like visitors to download a copy of the release, add (.pdf, .doc, .ppt).

NB - you will need to wait for the documents to load with any image - this may take a while depending upon the size of the documents/your internet connection speed.

Then select the date and time your news should appear, the category and submit.

add images and docs to news


That's it!
Your news will be automatically sent to our admin system for approval.

NOTE: You will be sent a confirmation email with a link to your news - make sure you add this link to your own website. It will also help your SEO (and ours). Thank you!

Use this for tips on writing and adding news and PR.

View our Editorial Policy here.