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Freelance - 1 Person - £10.00 a month [6 Categories/1 User]
Ideal for Photographers, Illustrators, Designers, Developers, Copywriters - in fact anyone working in the creative industry as a freelance or sole trader. Your Page, News and Portfolio can appear in up to 6 categories. Great!

Small Business - 2-10 People - £20.00 a month [12 Categories/2 Users]
Most creative businesses in the UK are between 2 and 10 People. You do most of the work, employ most of the people, and turn over most of the money. Good job! Now SHOUT LOUDER about what you do, tell the world in our News and Portfolio channels.

Enterprise - 11+ People - £50.00 a month [12 Categories/Unlimited Users]
For larger creative enterpr of 11 People or more. Maybe with multple offices. Unlimited Pages for separate offices, and unlimited Users too.