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Made by Many is a new social media agency founded by William Owen, Stuart Eccles, Isaac Pinnock and Tim Malbon. In one guise or another we've been behind some of the most exciting social web launches in the UK. We've formed Made by Many to offer an agile team of strategists, designers, technologies and digital marketing consultants at the heart of a network of expert associates. Our goal is to help our clients make simple, popular, rich media services that bring people together to converse, create and share on the web.

60 Kingly Street, London, London, W1B 5DS
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We make new stuff out of the internet | Made by Many Facebook, and I struggle to see the value in remaining a member. Whenever I seriously think about deleting my account, though, I can't go through with it. It might be that I'm holding out for some of those long-lost friends to get in contact


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