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Eggbox Studios is a 3d animation, illustration and visualization company specializing in photo realistic content for TV, web and print.

1 Wren Close, Carlton Colville, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR33 8SY
Telephone +44 (0)845 0945 045
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Photo montage perspective illustration commercial development

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Welcome to Eggbox Studios - Creators of 3D Visualization, Technical Illustration, Custom Animation Eggbox Studios offers 3d visualization, illustration and animation to the architectural, design, advertising and marketing industry


3D visualisation 3d animation 3d illustration architectural visualization motion graphics cgi photo-realistic artist 3d animator 3d illustrator rendering modelling


Design | 3-D, Multimedia, Product,

Freelance | Animator, Multi-Media Design, Visualisers,

Illustration | Photo Realism, Technical,

TV, Film, Video & Sound | 3d Modelling, Animation, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects,